How to Grow A Small Page on Instagram

How to Grow A Small Page on Instagram

Growing your community online is a tough task to do with a lot of creators on every platform. But if you’re willing to take the work seriously and work on it consistenty, the results will show themselves.

Here are 6 things you can do to grow your small community page on Instagram and make the most out of it.

How to Grow A Small Page on Instagram

1. Page Optimization

Every part of your page must reflect what it’s all about.

  • Include main keyword in name field
  • Username should be easy to read
  • Write your Bio in Points
  • Share what, how, why & who in Bio
  • Something valuable in “Link in Bio”

2. Collab Templates

Collaborating with great accounts is a superb strategy. This will help:

  • Go to Google type this “Optimizely Collab Templates”
  • You’ll get 7 email templates for free
  • Send these after forming a great connection with the creator


Leverage AI to make content for your Instagram. Super easy!

  • Visit
  • Go to Social Media Graphics
  • Click on Instagram Post
  • The tool will design everything for you
  • Just pick the right templates

4. Auto-Suggestions

I use Google’s Auto-Suggestion feature to find my Content Topics.

  • Open Google Search Bar
  • Type your main keyword
  • Hit the “Space” button on keyboard
  • You’ll find content people look for


This tool lets you write great captions for Instagram

  • Variety of fonts
  • Let’s you count hashtags in real-time
  • Keeps you under the character limit

6. Free Video Apps

These tools can help you generate great video content for your gram.

  • Kapwing (Great for memes)
  • Inshot (Best for reel editing)
  • VSDC (for a little complex stuff)
  • Magisto (Video automation) Magisto is not free but affordable

Optimizing of your page is so important, you will create a smooth customer journey and they know where to find what.

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