5 Tips to Become A Great Content Creator in Your Niche

5 Tips to Become A Great Content Creator in Your Niche

Every niche has it’s leaders. Want to know how to become a great content creator in your niche? Here’s how you can become that one. To get on the same level as the great content creator in your niche, do these 5 things:

5 Tips to Become A Great Content Creator in Your Niche

1. Research

Find out why the greats are so great.

  • Find the top 5 accounts you most want to be like
  • Study and analyse their content
  • Note down what they’re doing and what works well for them
  • Use Viralfindr or NotJustAnalytics to see which of their posts went viral

2. New Info

Use this information to create your own posts, use what you learn about them to create awesome content.

  • Use the trends and tactics that you found to make new content
  • You know this will do well in your niche because of the research
  • Do not copy their posts, just strategically use their tactics
  • The biggest voice provide new information, don’t share old news


Become a credible voice by using “Craap”, use the craap test to be seen as an expert.

  • Make sure your content is current
  • Make sure it’s relevant to your ideal audience
  • Gain authority by taking courses or experience
  • Be accurate, don’t report rumours
  • Make sure each or your posts have purpose and are unbiased

4. Converse

Start conversations with big niche accounts, have regular conversations with the top accounts in your niche

  • Comment on the top niche accounts posts regularly
  • Provide valuable comments that add value to their post
  • Don’t be disingenuous, engage with meaning
  • Reply to their stories and DM them when appropriate

5. Collab

Use this information to create your own posts. Collab with other creators.

  • After forming relationships with other credible creators
  • Reach out for potential collabs
  • Start with smaller accounts to get a feel of it
  • Make sure they have a similar ideal audience and niche to you
  • Ideas: guest posts, live rooms, joint reel creation

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