5 Hashtag Strategy For Instagram SEO, You Must Know!

5 Hashtag Strategy For Instagram SEO, You Must Know!

5 Hashtag Strategy For Instagram SEO, You Must Know! – Can you still grow with hashtags? YES YOU SURE CAN! (it did for me) There is always huge debate going on about whether or not hashtags are still relevant. The way I look at hashtags is.. it is a good bonus to have.

You can’t 100% rely on it, but you also don’t want to totally ignore it. The most important function of hashtag strategy for Instagram SEO today is that they act as the keywords for SEO purpose. So you still gotta keep your hashtag strategy optimized well and then give it some time to generate result for you.

5 Hashtag Strategy For Instagram SEO, You Must Know!

1. Use more than one set of hashtags

If you are posting daily and multiple formats, you should keep more than one set of hashtags that you can rotate accordingly. It helps to broaden your discoverability and allow you to reach more people (as long as they are related to your topic).

2. Only use relevant & specific hashtags

If you are posting photography tips, make sure your hashtags are related to photography. How many hashtags you use matters less than the relevancy. You can grow with only 5 if they are all relevant.

3. Place your hashtags in caption

Keep your hashtags in caption because they do count as keywords, this allows the alogirthm to better understand what your account is about and then put you in front of the right audience.

4. Balance the size of hashtags you use

Don’t just focus on highly competitive hashtags (with millions of posts) especially when you are new and you have small following. But also don’t completely ignore big hashtags because they act as the keywords for your account.

If you have small following, focus more on hashtags with 100k posts for better discoverability. Tweak your strategy as your following goes up.

5. Addition tips

I often ignore hashtags before but I’ve realized that they would really work well once properly searched. One tip I can add to this is also consider your engagement. Use hashtags that have posts with almost similar number of engagement with yours.

Placing hashtags in caption is important to rank in SEO. Hashtag will definitely will just keep relevant to content & be specific.

Hashtags work as the seo keywords. It will work great if you make it more relavent to your niche and post. If your caption is also optimised with the right keywords then hashtags will perform well.

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